AllRegs Releases Subscription Based Reverse Mortgage Guide

imageLast week AllRegs announced the release of its new Think Reveres Practical Guide.  The guide is based on the book written by Atare E. Agbamu and is designed for originators, servicers, and investors in the mortgage business.      

"The popularity of the reverse mortgage market is growing, and to get into this sector of the business, mortgage professionals need to be well-versed in the specifics of this product," said Dan Thoms, AllRegs senior vice president. "The Think Reverse Practical Guide is a central resource for learning how to incorporate reverse mortgages into your product line, and create new opportunities for your business, including a new customer base."

The Think Reverse Practical Guide includes the following sections.

  • Part I: The New Pillar of Retirement Security
  • Part II: Marketing Reverse Mortgages: It’s All About Education
  • Part III: Originating Reverse Mortgages
  • Part IV: Enhancing Freedom: The Essence of Reverse Mortgages
  • Part V: A New Frontier in Mortgage Lending

According to the press release, subscriptions are based on site-wide licensing and all users at one company will have access to the searchable resource online through AllRegs.  The annual subscription rate for one location is $495 and is also available through AllRegs Academy’s Learning Pass education program.

Think Reverse Practical Guide

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  • It’s a great read. You will walk away with a better appreciation for reverse mortgages, seniors, their perceptions, and how to improve your marketing to them. It is written to us, the originators.

    I obtained a copy of this publication on the last morning of the NRMLA Conference in LA. I took a little over a week to read it and recommend it highly. Atare has a lot of interesting and unique ways of looking at reverse mortgages that will enhance the reader’s ability to explain, discuss, answer questions about, and market reverse mortgages with a renewed and uplifted point of view.

    Good job, Atare.

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