Reverse Mortgages Are New Source of Business For eCommission

image Well, times are tough for some people so I thought I’d pass along that eCommission is now offering commission advances for reverse mortgage professionals.  The Austin, Texas based company is offering originators an advance of up to $6K on pending loans that will close within 85 days and credit lines are also available up to $200K in most cases.

“We have advanced real estate commissions for many years and continue to do so,” explained Sean Whaling, eCommission President. “But with the new HECM loan limits now official, we discovered a market of originators needing to access commissions immediately to start taking advantage of sales and marketing opportunities. So we figured out a way to address their short-term cash flow needs and it has helped a lot of them improve their loan volume.”

“I’m not easily impressed.” Says John Railey, President of Homestar Mortgage, Inc. “But eCommission has impressed me with the speed and ease of their service. We have a large inventory of loans to get through right now. Accessing some of these commissions ahead of closing is very helpful.”


Tony Garcia, founder and board member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lending Association (NRMLA) and CEO of LibertyStreet Financial Group, echoes Railey’s sentiment. “eCommission has been an important service for us over the past few months. I highly recommend them.”


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  • Rather than paying someone else to get your commissions, why not work with a company like ours that closes loans in 2-4 weeks and pays every single week?

    Just a thought for those who feel that they are not getting paid quickly enough on their business.


  • Dave, your comment seems more directed at individual loan officers who feel their company is not paying them quickly enough. Please allow me to clarify that eCommission advances commissions for reverse mortgage companies, not individual loan officers. We generally buy a book of pending commission receivables and advance funds to the company to stimulate growth opportunities. Sean Whaling. President. eCommission Financial Services, Inc. 877-882-4368 ext. 866

  • Looking at the website, to receive $3,000 advanced over 40 days or less costs $286. That’s around 125% annual interest rates!

    I applaud companies like yours, Sean Whaling, as I think stupid people should be “fleeced”.

    This industry will provide you many, many sheep to slaughter.

  • Reversedude,

    Thank you for your comments. To clarify, funds are advanced over a short period of time, typically 45 to 60 days. This is not a loan based on an APR.

    Solving immediate cash flow issues is a niche that eCommission fills. The service offers an alternative to traditional lenders that are making it more difficult in this market for people to access short term working capital. It has its associated risk and is priced accordingly. Contrary to your opinion, I happen to believe that intelligent people understand the importance of managing cash flow for the long term success of their business.

    If you would like to discuss any part of our program with me personally, I am pleased to take your call at 877-882-4368 ext. 866.

    Sean Whaling
    eCommission Financial Services, Inc.

  • Just like payday loan centers provide “necesaary liquidity!” – just intelligent ghetto folk who understand the importance of managing cash flow for the long term success of their drug addiction.

    ~Solving immediate cashflow issues is a niche that payday loan centers and pawn shops fill. The service offers an alternative to traditional lenders…

    Sean, it doesn’t make you a bad person….

  • I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But with all due respect Sir, I don’t appreciate an anonymous person commenting on what kind of person I am. If you would like to discuss professionally, my phone number is listed above.

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