Reverse Mortgage Solutions Will Offer First American’s Services Through LOS

clip_image002Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) announced that First American’s reverse mortgage packages and services are now integrated into its RM Compass loan origination system.  RMS Customers will now have the opportunity to use First American’s reverse mortgage document preparation service through RMS’s web application and ultimately saving time and eliminating the need to re-key data.

“Our customers rely on us to build relationships with providers who have experience with reverse mortgages and offer products that will assist them with their operational processes,” said Chad Pupillo, Director of Origination Systems at RMS. “First American is a proven leader in reverse-mortgage documents and compliance. We are pleased to be able to add this important third-party provider to our enterprise LOS platform.”

The document preparation business is getting very competitive.  BayDocs has long been the biggest provider of reverse mortgage documents but is now seeing competition from First American and Mortgage Cadence’s Finale solution.


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  • I processed a Reverse Mortgage Loan through Liberty Reverse in CA. When completed they transferred the ongoing loan to you. Cfr Loan #3000004757 funded 10/29/08. The balance as of 11/30/08 was $131,745.02. November activity included $70 for Monthly Service Fee. The contract allows for a $30 fee. That was the only monhtly statement I have received. I feel like you don’t know of my existence. Please let me know what services are being provided, etc. Thanks,
    Wm R Fitzgerald, 8734 W Wilshire Dr, Phoenix, AA 85037 623 936-3603

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