Reverse Mortgage News Headlines

A few reverse mortgage headlines from the week:

Only a few more hours until HUD’s “target date” for the new HECM loan limits…


Happy Halloween!

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  • HUD knows who originated reverse mortgages, they could easily send them surveys asking their overall satisfaction with their particular situation. I don’t have a client yet that has quit praising their reverse mortgage. And yet I do have those that wish they had not been put into the situation that they needed one, for one reason or another, all beyond their control.

  • Seniors can either use some of their home equity because they truly are in financial need, and it may be their only sizable source of funds, or because they realize they will not take their estate with them when they pass: For many, leaving a larger estate for hiers is not foremost in their minds. Coercion with untruths or limited facts to make a commission is wrong; to help a needy Senior, struggling to survive during the last years of their life, or just to help a Senior enjoy some of the nicer things in life at life’s end is undoubtedly a blessing for which any Professional Salesman can be very proud. People who criticize what we do are fools who don’t
    have a clue about the challenges most Seniors face and the wisdom and geniune concern for others it takes to assurse a Senior the decision to purchase a Reverse Mortgage is sound.

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