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1st Reverse Financial Services – 1st Reverse Financial Services offers a complete Wholesale Correspondent Lending Program, featuring a wide assortment of Reverse Mortgage Products including HECMs, jumbo, and our the HECM Pathway™.

Celink is a Standard and Poor’s select servicer of reverse mortgages, and is approved by Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae. We subservice HECMs, Home Keepers, and private reverse mortgage products.


Ibis Reverse Mortgage Software – The Industry Standard Since 1995. This is not just a slogan — six of the top 10 reverse mortgage originators plus NRMLA and the AARP use Ibis Software for their websites, retail and wholesale businesses.

MonteRose.Biz provides personal productivity training for RM producers and managers.  By leveraging one’s strengths, and utilizing senior segmentation insight to direct one’s prospecting and selling activities, you will experience performance lift.  .

Omni Home Financing is the largest independently owned originator of Reverse Mortgage’s in the Nation.  Omni Reverse Mortgage Specialists average over twice the industry average in monthly closings.  Call Tony Gaglione at 949-421-3707 today to join the Omni T.E.A.M.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. S&P rated “Above Average”  Private Label, Reverse Mortgage, Sub-Servicing system gets you into the business quickly without adding and training specialized staff.  Our RM Compass, Reverse Mortgage Loan Origination software is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Reverse Vision is the leading origination platform for reverse mortgages offering features such as: complete end-to-end solution, from origination to closing, sales oriented graphical interface, business process driven workflow, scalable – for small entities to large enterprises, full document integration.

Sam Collins Reverse Marketing System is a web based lead management system that provides marketing solutions to help you bridge the lead gap and convert more leads to closed loans.

Senior Lending Network – SLN your complete solution for Reverse Mortgage wholesale. Take advantage of our Simple 60, the Equity Plus Advantage, the 75-200 FlexMargin Advantage, and the Fixed HECM – as well as our comprehensive training and marketing tools.

Senior Reverse Mortgage Online is building a directory of reverse mortgage lenders across the country.  Click here to learn more.

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  • Yes, very much so. Dam from N.R.M.L.A. gave me some help with numbers from H.U.D. which showed most outfits having very well-rounded counselors with everything up to loss mitigation,etc. etc. etc. I think that is a good approach but I do question the detail of expertise that the members might have by spreading themselves so thin, or am I exagerating the issue. I love working with seniors and there are not many jobs that can make one feel so good. I am not quite like the 50 million dollar profesional ball player who says he doesn’t play for the money, but I want to help and make a living with a direct relationship to my effort and knowledge.Tks, Bob H.

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