Reverse Mortgage Rates – September 30, 2008

Unfortunately our forecast from last week came true. On Tuesday, September 30th, the average HECM borrower will receive considerably lower benefits.  Yesterday, the 10-year Treasury rate plummeted today to 3.58%, last week’s average was 3.84%!It doesn’t appear that the 10-year Swap Rate changed much today.

This week, all Treasury-based HECM’s with a margin of +172 or less will pay the HECM maximum benefits. Ditto for LIBOR-based HECM’s with margins of +104 or less. Using these margins, the initial note rate on a LIBOR HECM would be 87 bp less than that on a Treasury HECM.  The rates of 9/30 are:



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  • Can you help me understand that when the 10 year t-bill goes down, the borrower receives less benefits?

    Also, what is the swap rate?


    Dale Shuey

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