HECM Index Rates Are Down To Historic Levels

The 10-year Treasury went down to 3.41% today. The FED’s 10-year CMT data begins in 1962. Below is a plot of weekly averages thru today. Over these 46.7 years, the 10-year CMT has averaged 6.99%.

The record low was 3.20% for the week ending June 13, 2003. The low Treasury rates of mid-2003 are what prompted HUD to change the Expected Rate’s minimum lookup to 5.50% when finding HECM Principal Limit Factors. The HECM program began in the Fall of 1989 — during the 20-year HECM period, the 10-year CMT has averaged 5.75%.

The 10-year Swap Rate was down to 3.99% yesterday. So expect Treasury HECM margins to soon rise to 2.00% and LIBOR HECM’s to 1.50%. Both products would give the maximum payouts given the 5.50% lookup floor.



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