1st Reverse Expands Retail Reverse Mortgage Division

clip_image0021st Reverse Financial Services, a subsidiary of Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB announced that Roger Cresswell has joined the company as the head of it’s Southeast Regional Retail Group.  Based in 1st Reverse’s Florida location, Cresswell will help expand the company’s retail footprint by adding another 60 retail originators in the next few months.  

Cresswell brings over 18 years of service in the retail and wholesale segments of the reverse mortgage industry.  Previously, he was an Account Manager for Transamerica’s Reverse Mortgage Division and served as the Senior Vice President of Sales for Senior Homeowners Financial Services which ultimately merged with Financial Freedom Senior Funding Corporation.  Most most recently he was the National Sales Manager for San Diego, CA based Financial Heritage.


“Roger Cresswell’s addition to the 1st Reverse team opens the next chapter in our company’s strategic growth plan. His expertise in recruiting and training of retail reverse mortgage loan originators is a key addition to continue 1st Reverse’s expansion plans. Any reverse mortgage loan originator who strives to better serve seniors and enhance their production could have no stronger or experienced person to learn from than Roger” said David Cesario, 1st Reverse’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The company currently has 20 retail originators total but has plans to add approximately 60 new retail originators in the next few months.

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  • I am a HUD Housing Counselor interested in getting into the sales side of the Reverse Mortage field without giving up my full time job. I would of course not counsel anyone that I was servicing to keep the lines clean. I would not coerse anyone into getting the product if I saw no need for it or another more viable option.
    I take my position seriously and I educate every client -only face to face- to the best of my ability until they are clear and sure of why they are choosing the product. Sometimes they decide that they need to spend more time weighing their other options.
    I hope that this transparent overview of my position and interest has not eliminlated me from your prospect list and I do look forward to hearing from someone soon.
    Suzanne Brown

  • Susan, what you are looking for will probably violate your agency’s conflict of interest provisions entered into to maintain HUD-approved Housing Counseling status.

    Before you go any further please check in with your employer, it’s clear you intend to act ethically, but having a foot in both camps can potentially undermine your reputation and damage the reputation of your current employer.

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