IndyMac’s Project Iron Man Failed

image Interesting article from LA Times columnist Scott Reckard that talks about IndyMac’s creation of project “Iron Man”.  Iron Man was a last minute bid by executives to assemble a group of private equity firms to pump cash into Indymac and become its controlling shareholders.  To read a copy of the article click the link below.

Sinking IndyMac sought funding lifelines (LA Times)


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  • Investors and home owners had a tough year.
    It started with the real estate market crash, than the mortgage crisis and now foreclosures.
    Everybody is looking for help with their investments, from the homeowner down the street to the big investor up on the billboards.
    In the past year 267 banks closed their doors and more banks are on the verge of closing.

    Seriously let’s face it “the world is in a serious trouble and no body can do anything to change it”.

    How did we let this great economy we had to collapse like this?
    Who can we blame except our selves?

    I don’t think we need to look for the blame but we definitely need to fix it somehow and we can do it, home owners and investors.

    Let’s talk to you homeowner:
    There are many options to save your home and get a mortgage.
    1. Fha loans
    2. Conventional loans with lower loan to value
    3. Hard money loans or private money mortgage loans(which is the same thing).

    Most of you homeowners are not knowledgeable enough to know how to save your homes your selves, many of you that have lost their homes already could possibly save it if you would gain some knowledge.
    But no one is perfect and I’m not expecting you to go to school and study what to do with your home while you’re trying to save it, but you can hire a professional to help you.
    I’m a mortgage broker from los angeles california and I’ve seen so many people that could save their homes, but because they didn’t have the knowledge they’ve lost it instead.

    Lets help each other and ourselves to bring this great world back to what it was 3 years ago!

    Know your options and hire a professional mortgage or real estate broker to help you, brokers are the one that knows better than anybody else.

    Why not to go to the bank next door?
    Normally banks are narrow minded and they don’t know how to be creative, because they know only one thing- what their bank has to offer.
    You want someone that knows how to get things done, if it’s with conventional lending(which is the banks), fha mortgages(which is government loans) and the private money lending(which is private investors that are acting as the bank in some cases).
    So many people don’t even know that private money lending or hard money loans are an option, so homeowners loose homes with lots of equity in them.

    I think that private money lending is the next thing for investors and home owners, since banks can’t qualify anyone anymore.

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