Happy Belated Birthday Donald Trump, You Are Now Eligible For A Reverse Mortgage

image Celebrity’s and reverse mortgages seem to be a perfect fit… James Garner & Financial Freedom, Robert Wagner & The Senior Lending Network, Pat Summerall and ARMC… why not Donald Trump?

Last month “The Donald” turned 62 years young which means he is now eligible for a reverse mortgage.  Mr. Trump is known for using leverage to finance his buildings so I figure a reverse mortgage could be perfect for him.  Some of you are probably saying, why would Donald Trump ever need a reverse mortgage?  I don’t think he NEEDS a reverse mortgage but I think he fits into a certain demographic of baby boomers that might want to use a reverse mortgage to fund a lifestyle or another home/condo.

Does this mean that we will see Donald Trump commercials promoting reverse mortgages?  Probably not, but he does own a mortgage company… If you head over to Trump Financial you will find that they are offering reverse mortgages.


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