Reverse Mortgage Training with Stephen Kinney

SK Reverse Mortgage Daily is proud to announce that beginning on Wednesday, February 6th at 12:00PM (EST) we will be offering a monthly training series on reverse mortgages.  Our training sessions will be featuring two of the top trainers in the industry, Stephen Kinney of Stephen Kinney Associates, and Monte Rose of Training sessions will be offered monthly via conference call at 12:00PM (EST) on the first Wednesday of each month. So mark you calendars.

“First It’s a Phone Sale” will be the topic offered by Stephen Kinney in the first call on February 6th.

Earlier this month are we introduced you to Monte Rose of Monte so lets take a moment to get to know Stephen Kinney.


RMD: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and why you started Stephen Kinney Associates?

SK: This is my 26th year in the mortgage business. I started out as a mortgage originator, and from there quickly graduated to sales manager. I was a regional manager for national subprime mortgage company, and from there went on to become president of a mortgage company. Throughout my career I found I had a knack for sales and sales management. Developing training programs for the companies that I managed was one of my strong suits. In 2004 I was given the opportunity to lead the reverse mortgage effort for Vertical Lend /Mortgage Warehouse as the National Sales Manager. While leading a team of reverse mortgage specialists I developed a training program that helped us to significantly increase sales. It is this training program that is the foundation of our program today.

Our training program emphasizes knowledge, planning, and proven practical techniques to help people in the reverse mortgage industry connect with seniors. Our courses are interactive, and outcome driven. We educate, we motivate, we coach, we challenge! Our programs are structured to improve participant’s performance with proven methods and techniques uniquely customized for the reverse mortgage marketplace. Participants in our program get a proven blueprint for success that will take months and years off their learning curve and jumpstart their reverse mortgage success.

RMD: How can people learn more about what you do?

SK: They can start by visiting our website, learning about our program and signing up for our mailing list. They can call us as well at 973.842.0081. Up until recently all our training sessions have been for corporate clients, but we hope to be offering a comprehensive training course for individuals in the very near future. Depending on the level of interest we hope to be offering our course in various locations across the country based on demand, so it is important the people who are interested sign up. The goal of our training is not only to create experts in the field of reverse mortgages who have the added skill of telling the whole story of the benefits of reverse mortgages in a way they can understand.

To sign up for the FREE training session click here and don’t forget to mention conference call in the comments.

Happy Training!

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