Reverse Mortgage Presentation From MBA Conference

imageThe Mortgage Bankers Association continues to show interest in the reverse mortgage market and at this years conference in Boston they had a presentation titled “Reverse Mortgages and Outlook for HECM MBS”.  The presentation gives a good birds eye view of why the reverse mortgage market is so attractive and what the key factors to driving growth are.  In the presentation you will find different charts showing mortality rates, HECM breakdowns, outstanding market volumes, and other information related to selling HECMs on the secondary market.  At the end of the presentation there is a list of things to keep an eye on in the reverse mortgage market business:

  • LIBOR vs. CMT indexed loans
  • Rebound of Broader Capital Markets and Liquidity
  • New Lenders and Products
  • Private Insurance
  • Government and Regulatory Policy and Actions
  • Housing Market (HPA)
  • International Growth of Reverse Mortgages

Anything else you think should be added?  To view a copy of the presentation click the link below.

Reverse Mortgages and Outlook for HECM MBS Presentation


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  • Good topic for a post, we saw this a few weeks back and explored a bit.

    Just a heads up, several of the slide titles are misleading or downright wrong, so I wouldn’t base too much on these presentations. As an example, slide 2 has quite a few problems. The slide title disagrees with the chart y axis label (it’s actually just another re-presentation of the MIC endorsement unit volumes, not oustanding dollar balances as suggested by title). Another easy example is slide 10, which shows almost everyone choosing the LOC option for disbursement, which from our experience is more indicative of anyone who has any LOC component to their proceeds, rather than those who choose to use all their proceeds in LOC as the slide seems to suggest by using exclusive percentages (allowing to add to 100%). As I’m sure you’ve seen from your experience, there are very few people who utilize the LOC exclusively, if only because they pay their fees through an initial lump sum advance.

    There isn’t anything in this presentation that’s new to the public eye, but it is a decent summary of a couple interesting points, although has its flaws as you dig in a bit. Hope this helps as I’d be surprised if you didn’t get questions about this. If anyone responds to your post and has more questions, we’d be happy to talk with them.


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