Reverse Mortgage Servicer Celink Earns Standard & Poor’s Designation

CELINK-colorlogotag Celink recently earned Standard & Poor’s designation as a select servicer of reverse mortgages. This is the second time the company has achieved S&P rankings. “As much as we’re honored to be ranked by an organization as respected as Standard and Poor’s, we don’t view this achievement as our ultimate goal. Rather, it’s an acknowledgement of our staff’s unflinching commitment to not just be the best today, but to help our industry set the course for the future” said Celink Chief Executive Officer John LaRose.

“We want to help the reverse mortgage industry grow, help it grow responsibly, and help as many borrowers achieve their ideals and the best outcomes as possible.” said LaRose. With $1 trillion in equity held by the nation’s 28 million senior homeowners, LaRose notes that, “his company and the industry need to be on the alert and prepared to serve this client segment reliably and responsibly.”

As the reverse mortgage industry continues to release new products, servicers need to be prepared to service all of these different loans. Celink uses their proprietary reverse mortgage servicing platform ReversServ, which is now capable of supporting the newly authorized LIBOR-based FHA insured HECM. To read a copy of the press release click the link below.


Celink Press Release

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