Who Is Your Favorite Reverse Mortgage Spokesman?

An article from the Philadelphia Inquirer titled On the House | Old actors’ new line: Reverse mortgages got me thinking about the reverse mortgage advertising we see on TV.  Currently Financial Freedom uses James Garner in their commercials and Lender Lead Solutions uses Robert Wagner.  I’m curious who the readers from RMD like more… James Garner or Robert Wagner (vote below)?  If you haven’t seen the videos before feel free to check them out below.

Robert Wagner




James Garner



Recently, some people in my office have thought who they would use for a reverse mortgage commercial and I’ve heard answers like “Regis Philbin” and even “Jerry Springer”.  If you have any others suggestions leave them in the comments below.

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  • Actually Lender Lead solutions first had Jerry Orbach doing the commercial! I have not seen anyone do it better than he did, I have one of his cd’s still and I use that one over everyone!!! But if I had to pick I think It’s Robert Wagner!!!

  • Looks like Laurie was the only one that read what you were looking for in the comments … anyway, I was going to say Merv Griffin, but can’t now. How about Bob Barker … now that he is retired. My Grandfather used to plan his day around the Price is Right.

  • The truth needs to be told about reverse mortgages and to those who “pitch” them and sing their praises. Seniors need to know the exhorbitant fees charged. I find it strange that our Government gives away trillions to other nations, subsidizes illegal aliens, gives benefits to those who enter our country under “refugee” status rather than immigrant status and soaks the seniors.

  • would you please send us all the information on a reverse mortgage


  • Interested in information on reversed mortgage.Robert Wagner the actor supplied a telephone number and a tape that can be forwarded if interested.Please give telephone number.

    Thank you

  • Reverse mortgages are a scam. For a home recently appraised at more than $500,000 we were offered less than $700 per month – we are nearly 70 years old.

  • Reverse mortgages are a scam. For a home recently appraised at more than $500,000 we were offered less than $700 per month – we are nearly 70 years old. We have no debt on the property.

    Shame on Robert Wagner and James Garner.

  • I used to work for Financial Freedom, and I have to agree with the people who made comments on the actors speaking so highly of a very expensive product. I do have to say that we did save many seniors from loosing their homes, and able to get the health care and other items they needed. However, if I could, I would help my grandparents rather than seeing them loosing all the equity in their home….unless it was a last resort. James Garner is full of bologna!!! Robert Wagner also, but I do like him better. I just have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Financial Freedom.

  • Why do you, Mr. Wagner Sir, after all the success in your life, all of a sudden, I suppose you are now poor and need to collect commissions on poor people, to maintain your pathetic and grand life style need to plug Reverse Mortgage and sell Mercedes Benz, what’s the matter, can’t sell your miserable movies?

  • I think you should get Adam West (the 1960s Batman). I saw him advertising some kind of vending machine business awhile back, and he made it sound really great! (I can’t say whether it really was or not). Or how about Clint Eastwood? “Go ahead, punk, get a reverse mortgage. But the question you have to ask yourself is, ‘Do I feel lucky?'”

  • Well, Nick, since Eastwood is dead, He’d probably make a good spokesperson.

    Now, how about some constructive comments on how reverse mortgages really work, so we can have honest feedback and not just a bunch of meaningless comments that don’t help anyone in making a decision?

    I could use some insights without being bombarded by people contacting me just because I asked for a “free” video.


  • Dear Mr. Raas: Who said Clint Eastwood is dead? If
    you wish to see him very much alive, go see his new movie in the theaters now–“Gran Torino.” The movie
    will also give many an inside look on how some Seniors really feel. By the way your marketing ignorance is showing: What the hell did you expect to happen when you asked for that “free video?” For your information, if all you want is information, without being contacted by a loan officer, there is plenty about reverse mortgages on the internet.

  • My vote would be Walter Cronkite. To those that think fees are high, compare the total closing cost with any other FHA mortgage. Many people confuse the service set aside as a closing cost. Additionally why would someone being offered $700.00 a month (tax free) think that they are being ripped off? Perhaps they should ask their future heirs to give them more money than that each month in anticipation of getting their proceeds from the estate.

  • i am confused do these actors have no coments in their own defense or they letting the company take the brunt of critism i am 77 years old and in need of financial support my place is paid for and fhe dont want to give me all my equity SOMEONE THAT IS THOURGHLY INFORMED RESPOND i have lost my wife and one child it is so lonely without them ALLEN T MORTON SR.

  • you are misinformed. There are no exorbitant fees. Yes maybe years ago when it wasn’t regulated and not insured. If you actually spent the time to study it you would find out it is the best performing mortgage program in the nation. You find a direct banker that doesn’t charge origination. Next time do your homework and not make comments what you think you know

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