The Future of Reverse Mortgage Leads?

new_logo If anyone uses Google AdWords for reverse mortgage advertising you have a new way to turn that click into a live lead. Recently Google and Salesforce teamed up to provide small businesses a better way to capture leads on their web site. According to the article “Webbing Together” from The Economist:

AdWords customers, can choose keywords (“car repairs”, say) and bid to have small text links displayed next to the results of any web search for that term. They pay only when users click on the advertisement and are taken to the advertiser’s website. At that point Salesforce’s service kicks in, collecting information about the user which then pops up on the Salesforce page of the advertiser’s sales team, allowing them to follow up and sell something.

The service seamlessly integrates your lead into Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Manager(CRM) suite which then allows you to track the entire sales process. Since the reverse mortgage sales process is longer than the majority of forward mortgages, a CRM system is a great way for originators to stay organized.


Currently, I’m only aware of one reverse mortgage CRM provider, Lender Lead Solutions. LLS, provides a CRM system to brokers for the leads that they source from TV advertising (Check out the ad here). While I’ve found the leads through LLS to be good they don’t allow any other ways to capture leads into their system. The system does allow you to manually input a lead into their system but it lacks any integration with other lead providers. I’m surprised that LLS hasn’t done something like this because if you are using their CRM system, the odds are good you would deliver the loan to their wholesale channel. If LLS were able to incorporate other lead generation avenues like Google AdWords into their CRM system it would be an even more valuable resource to reverse mortgage originators.

Does anyone know of any other CRM providers that target the reverse mortgage market? If so let me know. If you want to get a better idea of how the partnership of AdWords and Salesforce works click the link below.

Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords

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  • Hi John,

    My last Sunday comment. Just thought you would find it interesting that once again LLS is trying to coerce brokers to use them as a lender. I have spent over $50,000 in the past 3 years with them, but they have shut all us down who don’t, in their opinion, give them enough loans. I only go to them for my Jumbo’s and Fixed Rates as I find them difficult to deal with. (You know how much I love JB Nutter, and I’ve been told to check out Generation now also as another good wholesale lender.) LLS won’t sell me leads either as they didn’t think I gave them enough loans. I actually did, but internally they got my loans screwed up with another branch’s.
    So now I need another lender who does Jumbo’s. (Know of anyone?) I’ve had it with their (LLS’s) arrogant attitude and it’s okay with me if Seth Radelman and I never have contact again. I told him I’d give him my Jumbo’s but that’s not good enough.
    I know they are a big advertiser with you and your relationship is great, and I’m glad for you. Just be glad you’re not the little guy out there who depended on them for leads only to have just about shut your whole branch down. (Of course it was a blessing in diguise.)
    Okay, enough griping from me today! Thanks again for all of your help!

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