• The_Cynic

    This can only be described as a smart way to enter the industry.  This again proves, reverse mortgage turn key operations have minimal value.

    What was once thought to be a business which one could get in, build, and sell at large profits has become an industry where lenders controlling huge amounts of production have simply walked away without receiving any compensation for their efforts or the price they may have paid for the businesses they acquired to enter the industry.

    Will the glory days of entrepreneurs return?  Maybe, but only after endorsement production shows real signs of life, financial assessment has been introduced, and the bitter taste of walking away from the industry with no compensation has been forgotten.

  • wealthone

    I applaud this “forward” thinking.  Maybe the other big guys were too worried about trying to place their folks into environments that exposed corporate philosophies, or worse, how underappreciated they really were.  We’re not throw aways once we get wet.

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